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In Nightingales 2.0 by R Sivakumar & V Pattabhi Ram

“Once in a national seminar at Nagpur, following her introduction, CA Prafulla Chhajed said, “Itni Choti Si Dikhti Ho Aur Itna Sab Karti Ho” (you are so small and you do so many things). Chhajed would one day become president of the ICAI, and in a visit to Melbourne, run into Pragnya.“

An excerpt from the Nightingales 2.0

“In 2007, Pragnya had her first river swim race. Open water swimming requires maintaining an axis by targeting a faraway fixed feature. “I had no knowledge of this. So, I kept wandering away from the center. A motorboat would come near me and ask me to correct course. I finished second in my age group. Later my parents found there were crocodiles in the river, and motorboats would keep them away. A swimmer who went astray was in danger. I escaped! “

An excerpt from the Nightingales 2.0

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